How the Attorneys at Langford and Wise are Different

How Our Personal Injury Attorneys Are Different

Langford and Wise strives to provide each client with personalized services and the extra care they deserve. The team understands the importance of support during what can be a challenging time and is committed to working diligently on our clients’ behalf by providing additional resources when possible, including virtual calls, home visits, rental car referrals, physician referrals and so much more.

how langford and wise dallas personal injury attorneysare different

Upon meeting their dedicated Advocates, as a gift, clients receive a complimentary embossed journal and stylist pen. The journal serves as a useful tool for writing down notes, physical symptoms and feelings related to the incident.  As time passes, the journal becomes useful in accessing past dates and important notes.  It’s also important for clients to reference past notes and review their progress along the way.

dallas tx personal injury attorneys that care

To add an extra level of support, from a client’s initial call and throughout their case, clients are paired with an experienced Client Advocate who works on the client’s behalf; serving as a liaison between the client and their attorney. Throughout the case duration, Client Advocates remain a client’s direct point of contact and their trusted go-to source for all questions, paperwork assistance, legal translations and more.

langford and wise dallas tx personal injury lawyers client advocate journal

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